Business Insights

Able to provide great commercial insight to
support Business Savvy leaders and HR teams

You have great insight
and one of the best
senior experience levels
of anyone in HR, I am
sure you will be a big
success. You have all
of the experience and
insight you need but
best of all your own
ability to keep learning

Dr John McGurk,
CIPD Advisor Learning
& Talent Development

  • Strategic planning, development and implementation through integrated HR, Retail and Operational Business measures enabling maximum performance, productivity and profitability to help grow your business
  • Executive mentoring supporting Senior Business Leaders and individuals through coaching and mentoring to make a difference and achieve your goals
  • Providing direction to assist individuals in reaching their potential over a defined period of time and acting as impartial “critical friend” to your business
  • Business Insight into developing business acumen, commercial and business savvy skills for HR teams by sharing operational knowledge, commercial skills and experience across retail and hospitality sector