Employee Engagement

Helping engage employees to go that ‘extra mile’ at work, who are committed and willing to help by aligning your culture and values

Esther takes a
business with no real
HR Strategy and turns
it into a company
that really values and
develops their people.
She’s created award
winning employer
brands, increasing
retention whilst
reducing recruitment
costs. She is effective,
forward thinking – but
most of all fun!

Manda Crowder,
Co-Founder andsome,
creative agency

  • Employer Branding, developing your employee proposition brand to help recruit and retain talent and build a branded innovative HR toolbox
  • Career Development, provide line management skills for future succession planning needs through developing competency frameworks, appraisal processes, creating and delivering practical bite size workshop sessions to suit your business needs
  • Employee Motivation, helping you develop attractive reward and benefit strategies, effective job design linked to skills and task engagement
  • Effective Communication, helping to develop and improve internal communications strategies based on a culture of trust and openness, providing new skills and processes